Joining the baseball blogosphere

So I’ve given in. I’ve wanted to write about baseball for a long time, more specifically Atlanta Braves baseball, but I enjoy baseball in general so we’ll see how this goes. This blog will be mostly Atlanta Braves talk (hence “Chop Chat”) but I’ll go off on various other non-Braves related baseball tangents.

I’m not an all-around sports fan; baseball is really the only sport I follow with any sort of invariability (I like a little bit of NCAA football, too), so I’m not going to act like the likes of Skip Bayless and company whose various opinions and expertise encompass all professional and semi-professional sports on earth. Besides, baseball is the greatest game on earth. I’m content with channeling my energy into following it.

This will be nothing too serious, but I’ll update as much as possible with various entries. Go baseball….go Braves!


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