That’s a wrap…

So a shutout was not how I wanted to see the 2007 season end, but it doesn’t matter. Past the first inning, everything was pretty dead and Buddy was sharp. If JS has any other choices, I don’t see him as a part of the rotation next year.

The offense was lifeless with all of these rookies and young guys from top to bottom. I really thought Bobby would have played a normal lineup so Chipper would have got some better pitches to hit. He didn’t. Chipper probably won’t win the batting title, but there’s no way you can be disappointed with his season.

Andruw Jones is likely done in Atlanta, but Chipper Jones doesn’ think so:

“If he ends up leaving, I’ll call him,” Chipper said. “But as I’ve said earlier, I have a hard time believing that he’s leaving.”

I’m not so optimistic.

The Mets completed their collapse for the ages and the Phillies, yes those fightin’ Phils, won the NL East. I can’t say I’m not happy for them. They absolutely deserve it; they’ve got the the fire that I never saw in the Braves or Mets.

The Braves on TBS is over. Really a sad thing to me. I’ve never known the Braves without TBS. Just as Skip said, the page is turning, but it’s unfortunate it has to turn. It was nice that Craig Biggio’s last game was on TBS’s last telecast of a Braves game. The emotion of his last game ever and the love those fans showed him really got me choked up. It’s sad to see players of his class hang it up, but fortunately, they leave their mark. Hopefully, Braves fans can do the same for Smoltz and Chipper someday.

Another season has come and gone. Every season has it’s own unique feel and flavor. This one was no different. Unfortunately, my team did not make it to October, but there’s always next year. Hope for the future is what most baseball fans rely on. Unfortunately for us Braves fans, hope has been the road less traveled for a majority of the past two decades.

Even without the Braves, I’m looking forward to October baseball. I typically support the NL in the playoffs, but I’ve yet to determine who I’m pulling for.

“Pitchers and catchers report” anyone?



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