The playoffs are set

Totally wrong about the Rockies-Padres game. I was right in a couple areas: I said Peavy wouldn’t take the loss and the Rockies would win. It was a pitchers duel for a little while with the bullpens, but overall, it was a slugfest. Depending on how far the Rockies go, I think Matt Holiday has some legitimate beef for MVP now. Also, I’m a Troy Tulowitzki for Rookie of the Year supporter. Ryan Braun, Ryan Schmaun.

I thought the Padres had the game in the bag when Scott Hairston hit the go ahead 2-run homer, but I was wrong. Who would have expected Trevor Hoffman to blow the save and take the loss? I don’t think anyone would have.

Anyways, the match-ups are now set:

National League:
Cubs vs. Arizona
Rockies vs. Phillies

American League:
Angels vs. Red Sox
Yankees vs. Indians

It’s nice to see some new blood in the playoffs this year. Should be a great October!


2 Responses to The playoffs are set

  1. Mal Willard says:

    Good afternoon, this is a great piece of writing you have Stephen. I think that is a good stopping point.

  2. Corey Bishop says:

    Well, I’ll have to add Chop Chat to my Braves listings in the blogosphere. Nice Blog!

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