“Featured” on the Vent…

Twice in one week, my “vent” for the Braves Vent on AJC.com has been the main vent that is featured as the link to the entire Vent. I’m strangely proud of that. I’ve been venting on there for a long time but I’ve never been “featured” (I use that term very loosely) before. I took a screenshot of the page to remember it.

Mark Redman vent screenshot
About this one. Yeah…. It’s just incredibly ironic that this sore excuse for a pitcher started his year in Atlanta, was released, bounced around the minors with a couple of different organizations and then pitches decent for the Rockies and earns a spot on their playoff roster while the team he started with this year and pitched terribly for is sitting at home. UGHH!!!

Tom Glavine vent screenshot
Speaks for itself.


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