Firing Joe Torre would be a very myopic move

Let me first say this: the New York Yankees will never find a better and more successful manager than Joe Torre. That said, this situation must be looked at from at least two perspectives:

  1. After twelve seasons, is it time for a change in the Bronx? or
  2. Is this just Steinbrenner being greedy old George?

Point #1: Is it time for a change in the Bronx?
After twelve years with one manager, I can slightly see how it may be time for a change. However, with what Torre has done and what Torre has continued to do, I can hardly see how it would be time for a change. Why would an owner want change with what Torre has done?

  • 12 straight playoff berths
  • 3 straight World Series titles
  • 4 World Series titles in 5 years
  • 1,173 wins (.605)
  • 10 division championships
  • 76 post-season wins

Unfortunately for Joe, it hasn’t been 12 straight World Series titles and consequently, the old rich lion upstairs isn’t happy. It’s been 7 years since the last championship parade in New York and someone isn’t happy. How many managers have been faced with losing his job while putting up numbers like this? Thus, point two.

Point #2: Is this just Steinbrenner being greedy old George?
In short, yes. I can’t find any other suitable explanation. Yes, Steinbrenner pours a ton of money into these teams of his and, yes, one would think a team of the caliber that the Yankees put on the field year after year would at least be in the World Series every year, but there are so many intangibles that go into building a champion that cannot be bought. (Luck, too.) It is not reasonable to expect your manager to win the World Series year after year. It’s time Steinbrenner look to the dogs on the field who are under-performing rather than executing a lynching of the man who has arguably been one of the most prolific managers to ever manage a Major League team.

Whoever the Yankees have in mind to replace him (don’t get me started on Joe Girardi), you can bet he won’t be nearly as good or have nearly as much success as Joe Torre.

With what Torre has accomplished in a relatively short time, his departure from the Yankees dugout should be solely on his terms. Of course, this is New York: the unwritten rules of baseball need not always apply.


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